Monday, April 22, 2013

Meeting with Solon Readers

Photo courtesy of Kathy Kaldenberg
Pa Lia's First Day
It's always fun for author / illustrators to meet and talk to the readers of their books.  On April 22, 2013, Michelle Edwards was able to meet some enthusiastic readers at Lakeview Elementary School in Solon Iowa.  Michelle was able to focus in on information about how she wrote and illustrated Pa Lia's First Day.  The story deals with a second grader who is anxious about starting a new school.  Her first efforts accidentally gets the only kids who have been nice to her in trouble.  During her presentation Michelle was able to speak about the widest range of topics including: writing--taking an idea and making a story, illustrating-the how and why from sketches to finishes, art, as well as Lois Lenski and issues of culture and diversity. Students were especially interested in the art component the influences on her illustration style and media.
Knitter's Home Companion
Chicken Man
Room for the Baby
Michelle Edwards most recent title is Room for the Baby.  She is also author of the popular Chicken Man, as well as, a book for adult readers (although several of the stories would resonate with intermediate and middle grade readers as mentor texts for their own writing).  The title Knitter's Home Companion is a collections of memoir type stories, interlaced with knitting patterns, a many references to classic stories -- both adult and children's tales.  Both Michelle and the students seem to enjoy (and learn) from the day.  
Thanks to Kathy Kaldenberg for the photographs from this author appearance.

Photo courtesy of Kathy Kaldenberg

McBookwords has a dozen or more authors that speak with young readers.  If you would like to investigate having an author visit your school or library -- for an author appearance please contact us at McBookwords.  Each of these authors often speak  in schools with young readers, and at all types of groups that are interested in literacy and  books. 

Authors/illlustrators can provide so much in terms of background and inspiration for reading and writing.