Monday, August 5, 2013

Coffee with Jeni Reeves

During the summer months activity seems to slow down for many educators but for writers and illustrators the work goes on non-stop.  A few days ago Jeni Reeves took time out from her writing/illustrating tasks to sit down and have a cup of coffee with me.
Jeni Reeves @ Java Creek
Much to catch up on.  Jeni has made research trips to New York City, Chicago, Virginia -- all in the quest of accurate details to guide her current writing/illustrating project (left for her to disclose when she is ready).  She's visited with Arthur Geisert during his celebration of the release of his most recent book and the whole town of Bernard's celebration.  She's successfully completed murals for the popular African American Museum's current exhibit -- Western Africa: Before the Boats.  The exhibit opened on January 12,  2013 and will be available until March 30, 2014.  Busy woman.  But on this day we had coffee and much conversation and was looking together towards the coming academic year.  A very nice day.

McBookwords arranges appearances by authors/illustrators in libraries, school, other literature forums.  We are now booking Jeni's appearances for 2013-2014, and in addition McBookwords has a dozen or more authors that speak with young readers.  If you would like to investigate having an Jeni or any other author visit your school or library -- for an author appearance please contact us at McBookwords.  Each of these authors often speak  in schools with young readers, and at all types of groups that are interested in literacy and  books. 

Authors/illlustrators can provide so much in terms of background and inspiration for reading and writing.