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An Author a Day: Debra Frasier

An Author a Day: Debra Frasier

Debra Frasier (April 3, 1953- ) grew up in Vero Beach, California but now lives much of the year in Minnesota.  I met her in San Francisco during a reading or was it a library convention in 2002.  We had coffee and a great conversation about the circumstances of the origin of her very first children's book On the day You Were Born (1991)The popularity of that book spurred her to continue and when her then nine-year-old daughter declared, "Mom, today I figured out that Miss Alanieus is not a person," Debra Frasier got the seed that grew into her very popular Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster (2000).  Her books are filled with fun vocabulary, nature, and exploration.  She writes and illustrates (often with collage) her books and each have enchanted young readers.  She also loves animals so after her books about water, and words, and nature, she wrote a book about Spike: Ugliest Dog in the Universe (2013).  Her website has a downloadable booklet that young readers can use to build their own character and voice involving Spike.

McElmeel, Sharron L.  Children's Authors Too Good to Miss.  ABC/CLIO/Libraries Unlimited, 2004;  pages 94-97.

Debra Frasier's Home Page (WEB)

Sharron L. McElmeel Papers, University of Iowa's Special Collections, Iowa City, Iowa.
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