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An Author a Day: Richard Peck

January 12
Richard Peck (b. April 5, 1934) is one of the nicest men that I know.  He is the only author who has ever written me a thank-you for interviewing him and writing about him.  He was so generous and humble.  That demeanor shows in his presentations as well.  The day this photograph was taken was the day, I believe, that he was speaking on the same program with Will author he seems to have mentored through the start of Hobbs's writing career.
Peck grew up in a Midwestern town, Decatur, Illinois and that background often shows up in his writing.  He became well-known for his supernatural comedies featuring Blossom Culp and her "second sight."  But later went on to write some of my favorite young adult titles. 

The River Between Us is a story set in the historic days during the Civil War and involves the secret one family carries into the South.  It is a story of mystery and war -- and of a family that finds its history impacted by the struggles to survive.  It is one of the few books that share the female experience during the Civil War.
Another favorite is Here Lies the Librarian -- Peck's humor at its best.

In your quest to find out more about Richard Peck, the children's and young adult author, don't confuse him with Richard E. Peck who is an author of books for older readers.

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