Friday, January 10, 2014

An Author a Day: Mary Downing Hahn

January 10

Mary Downing Hahn (b. December 9, 1937 - ) caught my attention with a book tha I still love, Daphne's Book.  That book dealt with peer pressure and borrowed on incidents in her two daughters' lives.  She draws heavily on her experiences - and borrows from everyone's life that she intersects with.  Her books have (and continue) to win awards and attract readers.

While I loved Daphne's Book, probably my very favorite of her books is The Dead Man in Indian Creek.  Some reviewers felt some of the incidents in the book were not logical.  Guess I don't read for logic.  I enjoyed the suspense of the who-dun-it and wanted to figure out what happened before it happened.  I love the mystery -- but I was also a die-heart fan of the TV show, Murder She Wrote, so perhaps this book was a natural for me.  Love the ins and outs of figuring things out.  Waiting for the clues, and sorting out the red herrings from the real clues.  Loved this book. 

You can find out about her more recent titles on her website.  When you go to her website, take note of her current photograph on her homepage.  I love that despite the almost 25 years that have come between the photograph on this page (1990) and the one of her webpage (circa. 2014) Mary Downing Hahn has the very same smile -- different glasses, different hair color (don't we all), but the smile is very recognizable.  I think her joy in life comes through in her writing as well.

Mary Downing Hahn's website (WEB)
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